Friday, July 12, 2013

a happy birthday to miss nora!

we've been talking about this birthday for a good six months--mostly because she asks for watermelon and i tell her when it's hot and time for her birthday, there will be watermelon. though i guess she's had her fill already, because for dinner she only requested cauliflower, and an "enormous cake with dozens and dozens of candles and dozens and dozens of decorations." 

after further prodding, she decided on pesto pasta with peas, and strawberry ice cream with the cake. and a princess. 

the princess has been on. her. mind. the past two weeks. "i'm hoping for a tiny princess with a pink dress and pink hair and pink high heels, and one with a blue dress and blue hair and blue high heels. but i think i'll just start with one princess."

so we did indeed go to target, and (among an array of zombie and other creepy dolls?) found her perfect tiny princess. she has been clutching her ever since, and showing us how to "clasp, pull and snap" to get her dresses on and off. also, she showed the man at trader joe's her princess, and told him it is her birthday, and she made off with a good four yards of stickers. she's been a happy girl.

and i've been thinking about two-month, screaming baby nora, and how i was just hoping then that things might get a little easier. it was entirely beyond my furthest imaginings that she might become this sweet, mellow girl who calls me mother dear, shouts "yummers!" when she eats broccoli, has a huge and hilarious collection of phrases and vocabulary from every book she's ever read, and is my willing partner in anytime-dark chocolate-eating. life with her is just so, so good. 

below are some pictures of our gorgeous little lady. these are from our recent trip to visit elise in boston, and camping in maine (which will hopefully be another post. or at least a facebook photo dump).

listening to a tide pool safety talk while wearing her "movie star glasses"
"gg gave me this nice bear with a tutu. i call her missy miss."
visiting old friends at wavus
on the dock at damariscotta lake
"butterfly princess!" 
nora's very first swim, in walden pond

Friday, August 3, 2012

yoga girl

i got to see one of the most wonderful people today. emily! it was quite a treat, especially considering that it had been four or five long years since i last saw her lovely face. but we didn't even take a picture. 

so here's a video of nora doing yoga in april. i say "good job" a lot.

 this photo is from the same day at the park. i loved finding it because it is one of a handful of photos in which she actually looks happy. she gets very solemn around the camera.

and ben's out of the shower so we're watching miss marple now. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

since april 1st:

i went to girl's camp. by myself! i was worried that nora would cry all night and nobody would sleep. but of course she was an angel the entire time (and only fell apart after i came home. for several weeks.). oh it was so nice to be in the mountains, and to get cold at night, and to sleep in my sleeping bag that will always be sort-of stinky from my two week canoe trip in maine. it was also nice to smell campfire every time i washed my hair for a few weeks.

oh, and i cut my hair right before camp (somewhere between my chin and shoulders?) and i can tell you that it looked awesome the whole time, given that i was not yet sure how to style it and that i had not brought anything to use for styling. it was unfortunately too hot to wear my winter hat after 9:00 a.m. every day.

july 12 was nora's 2nd birthday. we rode the carousel and she pushed mini carts at whole foods and trader joes. we had her favorites for dinner: roasted cauliflower, zucchini, baby tomatoes, nectarines, and pasta. i made her this pretty tasty cake-thing, and she was mildly afraid of the candles but did enjoy eating it. she also had fun with presents, and stayed awake to open them this year!

ben went to abu dhabi last week but is back now and working lots. i have been watching land girls this last week (random library selection. need season two!) and subconsciously began dressing nora like one. she would wear overalls every day if she could (so would i, but i don't have any. yet.) anyway.

and now she's up and it's time for lunch. see you in four months! just kidding. tomorrow! i'll be back tomorrow!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

saturday night


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

our favorite little lady doing two favorite things:
peeking out the window at the dog and stomping around in mama's shoes.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

hello old friends

whew! here we are, six (seven?) months later, figuring out how to blog again. 
for the curious, we decided against moving to chicago,
went to portland but decided against that too,
are are now back in albuquerque.
it is sunny and warm (the good kind of winter cold/warm) and lovely.
what you're about to see just may blow your mind--
nora is a big toddler now!
hair! the sole purpose of this photo. to show you those pretty little curls. 
she's also into wearing glasses whenever i wear my sunglasses. 
and she insists on wearing her purse (the elephant thing) when we go out .
here's an old one from san francisco in october
and nora back in july.

there you have it! all of the photos on the big black computer. 
(she's slow. and ben is amidst a giant project on the other computer.)

oh! and happy valentine's day.
ben and i were just reminiscing about this wonderful day three years ago
(actually he was reminiscing and i was laughing A LOT)
when elise fell on the ice and got a concussion 
and was saying really hilarious things...
it was a good one. 
anyway, here's hoping there's a really delicious 
flourless chocolate cake in your life today.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


a while ago some of our friends moved, so ben helped them pack the van and their baby boy came over for a play date. i'm hoping that nora's behavior isn't too indicative of her future...

i'll take that

and that

and don't mind if i crawl on you

and sit on you

or steal the toy you brought.

poor, defenseless boy. though he did take it all in stride, and when it was time for him to nap i just laid him on the floor with his blankie and closed the door. then i took a half hour to put my squirmy girl to sleep (she takes breaks to play, rest, bite my toes, repeat...). funny babe.

i love this picture of her looking out the screen door as ben drove away.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

sunday school

ben and i teach 4/5 year-olds in primary. it is a little bit fun and funny, but mostly inspires comments out of me like, "can we move soon?" but my comments are (sometimes, sort of, supposed to be?) facetious.

the hard part is mostly that it is from 2:00 to 4:00 pm -- two hours of sunday during which nora nearly falls, then eventually does fall, apart. and adding other attention/energy-requiring activities to that can be trying.

but i was just thinking about church today and even laughing to myself a little. i usually sit by a little boy during sharing time who is generally all over the place and needs to be focused on something or saying or doing something. so every few seconds/minutes he whispers "teacher!" then tells me a secret, like:

"teacher, i fell out of my bed this morning."
"teacher, my name is bob now."
"teacher, a wedgie is when you pull up your pants reeeally high in the back."
"teacher, i want a pretzel."
"teacher, look--" (unbuttons two chest-buttons of his church shirt and pulls each side apart to reveal a buzz lightyear costume)

he also likes to put the end of his shoelace into his mouth, pull it tightly, and pluck it like a bass.

and yet another aspect of teaching four and five-year-olds:

"teacher, i need to go to the bathroom."
"do you think you can wait until we're finished with our game?"
"okay, everybody line up and we'll take a bathroom break."
(at this point about 15 seconds have elapsed since she asked to go to the bathroom)
"teacher, i just peed in my underwear."

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

birthday babe

nora is one today. we can hardly believe it!
she's been walking for a few weeks, and has been a pretty good sleeper for months now.
she loves to smile and play and crawl on our heads in the morning.
we love her...

her first morning

first birthday morning

i took nors on a walk to a park today, where she walked and crawled on all of the play things like a very big girl. swinging was scary today, though.

by dinner time she was so very tired. the following pictures are making me laugh a lot right now.

she had mango/pineapple/banana/coconut ice creamy stuff for dessert, and we got her her own chocolate bar to dig into instead of cake, but she was far too tired to take the wrapping off.

and here she is about ten minutes later, conked out among toys, a balloon, an unopened present (chapstick. don't worry, she doesn't eat it)...

Friday, July 1, 2011