Monday, April 7, 2008

for elise

oh, dear. look at me blogging up in here up in here. haha. only you could get me to do this, elise. well, maybe not. i did succumb to facebook by way of KT's evil wiles. anyway, let's go!

it is snowing maniacally here in provo. big, fat, flakes. it's funny, because even before i knew it was snowing i was having a pasty-face, wet-rat-hair day. they go so well together (and with snow). i made the best of it and put on striped tights and rainboots and put the hair in braids. yay. oh, i forgot to tell you! before the shower that gave me wet-rat hair, i had worn the same clothes for a day and a night and a day and a night. i probably shouldn't be proud of that, but i like life that way sometimes.

also, i just applied for a job at whole foods in salt lake. who knows why? change, i guess. salt lake city is...well, a city. i've never lived in one. i guess i just have ideas of what life in an apartment downtown with wood floors would be like. good ideas. me wanting to try new things but still have a safety net, i suppose.

okay, now for the highlight of the weekend! (besides conference, of course. it was fantastic and i could type out my notes and post pictures but i don't want to. and i don't have any pictures)

HOTEL CAFE TOUR. It was so-ho great. I saw Ingrid Michaelson in concert with Joshua Radin in February and it was the best concert of my life, so I had to come back and see Ingrid again. I was talking to Cary Brothers (one of the performers) after the show and he said that all of them hang out at the Hotel Cafe in L.A. all the time, so Cary proposed that they go on tour together and it was done. Jim Bianco was a little insane, but everyone else was thoroughly enjoyable. I was front and center, just resting my head on the stage during the slow songs...I loved it. I'm not sure why people think it's cool to sit in the back on the hard, wooden benches, but the front was pretty open so I just made my way up there.

they all sang a song in the middle of the crowd, so i turned around and sat on the stage to watch. it was a great moment in life. (i'm not sure why i'm looking up, though...)

me and betsy waiting for the show to know, "model pose! okay, regular one now."

i have more pictures to post but i cannot figure out how to get the pictures to go where i want them to go. instead of copy and pasting and editing like a maniac, i'll call elise and get back to it later.


Elise said...

Oh the joy of you conforming to my ways. ha ha. For once in my life I get you to do something that I do first. Wow that feels different. I was always the one tagging along and following you in your every move. My favorite was when I claimed my love for N'sync because you plastered our walls with their posters, wore their T-shirts, had ALL of their CDs (even from out of the country, and new all of their biographies. I don't know why I succombed to you and N'sync when I obviously loved Hansen (especially Zac). Mbop girl!

Alex Christensen said...

i really just wish this post was called "fur elise" because it is all i hear in my head when i read it anyway :)