Tuesday, April 8, 2008

pajamas are for sissies

don't worry, no need to be afraid for alex...i don't sleep naked. i just figure that if i'm going to wash my clothes anyway, why not sleep in them? i'm not lazy--really (no, wait. that's a lie, but laziness is only part of my reasoning). i am sleeping in my bed lately, so that should give me a few points, i suppose.

yesterday was snowy and rainy, which is generally an invitation to gallivant around in my rainboots. i walked to the library, then up to campus, then i wanted some asparagus, so i decided to walk to my favorite little store (the ghetto reams) to get some. walking is one of my favorite things, so walking 3 miles to get asparagus is no big deal. pathetically exciting, really. by the time i got there my feet hurt vair vair badly--imagine silver dollar hot spots on both heels. i was pleased to discover that reams sells socks...mickey, dora, neon argyle...you name it. i went with neon, diagonal stripes. my boots would not slide on with the socks, so i walked the 1.5 miles home down center then university wearing striped leggings, neon socks, and carrying my boots (and asparagus). it was an adventure, though looking back it was a surprisingly ordinary thing for me and didn't strike me at all odd at the time. then again, don't forget that i love to vacuum. hehe.

a few things i learned:

-never walk more than five miles in rubber shoes.

-don't ignore blisters. they'll only get worse.
(this can be deeply applied to many facets of life)

-if mama didn't give you no ankles, wear boots.
(perhaps only elise can appreciate that one)

-asparagus is the very best vegetable.
(not even i can argue with that. and i love beets.)

i have a million other things to say. but i don't want to. bye bye.

this is a quote from a poster stuck on an electric box on 7th north.
provo graffiti is the best in the world.

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Elise said...

I can't believe you opted for the neon socks. You surprise me sometimes. Maybe you had to replace the Kyrgyzstan socks that you wore out.
Your decisions often keep me on the edge of my seat.