Wednesday, May 21, 2008

and the dogs bark.

there are some neighborly dogs up in here (fruitland) that love to bark all the day long. i hope i love animals someday.

the update on my life is:
-went to the dentist yesterday. hate being numb, love having that hole in my tooth filled. i was also very excited to realize that the filling that fell out was a mercury amalgam that i had wanted removed anyway. yay to less poison in me.
-mom keeps coming home to make lunch for dad and leaving the gas stove on for hours or days. she may secretly be trying to kill me.
-i went to institute yesterday. please be proud.

i don't really want to finish the list.

mom called and left a message that said, "so, when are we going shopping?" we're going should be fun! besides picking out clothes for her, i'm sure i can cajole her into going to costco and buying all of the delicious things that i dream of. like salad. and pears.

i've been meaning to go running for days, but i just don't want to. well, i do, but there's the whole wild dog, no sidewalk, trailer park thing around here...maybe i'll try the track.

ooh, highlight of the day was bleu cheese. i was trying to concoct something for dad's lunch...the problem with this house is that there's food in the pantry, but nothing to eat. pasta, no sauce. cereal, no milk. tuna, no mayo. so i made him a grilled cheese/turkey sandwich with mozzarella (in the form of string cheese) and bleu cheese. the bleu was all stuck together so i started shaking the container, and the lid flew right off. bleu cheese: on the counter, on the stove, on the floor, on the windowsill, down my shirt. i was thinking that i smelled kinda bad, then when i later unsnapped my jacket, bleu cheese cascaded out onto the carpet. i was pretty happy to discover that i am not exuding any new and terrible odors.

oh yeah- i go to maine in ten days! tomorrow's thursday which is pretty much friday, and i'm leaving a week from the day after friday, and a week is pretty much nothing. yaaaay!

yay yay yay.

the last of the news is that i'm going to see the midnight showing of indiana jones tonight. weird for me, i know. i have not seen indiana jones, star wars, lord of the rings, harry potter, narnia, et cetera...they are just not my thing, you know? i have a great real-life imagination, but fantasy and sci-fi and unrealistic adventure just aren't wired into my brain. it should be fun, though. i'm going with a boy i just met who also wants to hike the appalachian trail--i may marry him on those grounds alone. anyhow, there will be a full report if i survive the i. jones-ing.


Lizzylou said...

So........who is this boy? Where did you meet him. I want to full report. I also hate sci-fi, unrealistic movies. I haven't seen any of the movies that you listed either. Ryan likes them, so we rent them, and I sleep. Have fun shopping with Mom. I went to Costco today also. I bought the yummy tortilla shells because I can't live without them now. I also stocked up on the fruits and salad fixin's. I look forward to hearing about the movie.

Elise said...

I wonder why no one in our family likes those types of movies. I am going to call you right about now to talk to you about boy.

WhItNeY said...

hey dido to liz, and elise- haven't seen any of the wierd movies but indiana jones looks pretty bomin!