Wednesday, May 14, 2008

be very afraid.

what a stinking bummer--i had a great demo job lined up for the weekend...$20/hr for 25 hours to hand out samples. anyway, my tax info got there barely too late, and i found this out as i was stopping by mom & dad's house on the way to boise for the training. i came into the house to find the kitchen in a state of utter chaos--if you are related to my mother, you know what i'm talking about. she likes to cook lots of things at once, so the countertops are piled high. there are broccoli chicken casseroles, quiches, asparagus for soup, and a few odd piles of ground beef and chicken thawing on plates or in the sink (that's the part that makes me question sometimes). i guess my point is that i don't know how she does it--i get near the kitchen and run away whimpering. overload.

oh, and if you talk to mom ever i'm sure you've heard about the onion cake by now. it is so good that the man who invented the recipe wouldn't release it while he was alive, and now that he's been dead 25 years, they can finally put it in the cowboy cookbook. i think that i'm going to swear something to secrecy until i die...people automatically think it's better, for some reason. anyway, mom is loving the onion cake/quiche, and keeps raving about how excited she is to be craving something besides chocolate. i don't have the heart to tell her quite yet that
egg yolks + bacon + white flour + butter =
something probably worse than chocolate.

i just ate an orange and opened the door to throw the peel into the garden. instead of throwing it over to the garden, i somehow hit the car three feet in front of me. hahaha.

well, i don't particularly want to stay here all day and night. hmmm. i left my schoolwork in fruit-land. i am recording some songs, but they aren't sounding quite up to par. maybe i'll see if i can stand riding the bike in the garage. one thing i will do is stop writing dumb things. ok, bye.


Lizzylou said...

I'm sorry that you are going crazy. I can tell you, I know how you feel. As you wrote about oranges, it reminded me, I bought like 90 oranges from a mexican guy selling them out of the back of his truck. (I wrote that like I was saying that I ate all 90 oranges in 1 day, not quite). They just came in from CA, and they were soooo good and sweet. I thought "Marae would love these oranges". We miss you, and wish you were here.

Elise said...

sintz- I can absolutely imagine this & am still laughing. Oh man. only 2.3 weeks, you can do it.

Richard and Emily said...

Marae! Sounds like a rough crazy time! But I miss you! Thank you for the comment on my backpacking post! I HOPE I HOPE I HOPE we can go backpacking sometime together! Maybe we can convince a bunch of people to all go together! I have always wanted to go with you! :) Good luck in Idaho! Love you!