Sunday, May 4, 2008


yesterday i posted then went to edit it and it got aalll screwed up. so, i deleted it. time only.

today my love has been rekindled for...boca burgers. weird, huh? they are quite delicious when browned and chopped up on salad. i also ate a kiwi, which was delicious as well. it's great how appealing food is after you've been fasting.

i don't have much to say, so let me tell you a few things about myself.
  • only my left armpit sweats. well, my right armpit can sweat, but it hardly ever does.
  • i have a birthmark on the inside of my left arm, above my elbow. it used to be a big, red raspberry one and everyone called it my 'beautiful mark'. i am now realizing that they probably did that so i wouldn't feel self-conscious, but i guess it worked. i loved that thing. now you can hardly see it, but the skin there is really soft and doesn't get goosebumps.
  • i can only raise my left eyebrow.
  • i think the left side of my face is better-looking than the right--i attribute that to superior muscle control on the left.
  • i am left-footed, but right-handed.
  • i sing all the time, anywhere, everywhere--except the shower. why?
  • my shoulder blades can pop out disgustingly far. demonstrations upon request.
  • i have had many silly obsessions in life, including cavemen, richard simmons, mermaids, the monkees, and 'nsync. well, 'nsync was more of a die-hard obsession back in the day--93 posters on the wall, birthdays, shoe sizes--the works. weird for me, i know, but i've got to have some claim to pop culture. i am human, you know.
  • my favorite foods are fruits and vegetables. peaches, pineapple, mangoes, cherries, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, beets...yum. i also secretly love candy. swedish fish, sour patch watermelons, and dark chocolate comprise the top three. elise and i have both confessed to wishing we could live on candy and vegetables.
  • i despise the color yellow. and mice. in effort to become a more tolerant person, i have recently purchased a yellow shirt (which i actually love), and there is an email in my inbox from myself that says: dear marae. buy a rat.
speaking of yellow, i also like to write poems and songs and random things. a while ago i couldn't get thoughts out so i would write a word vertically (guided creativity works well for me), then use the letters of the word as the beginning...well, hard to explain, but here's the one that reminded me of yellow. i must have been feeling discouraged or something, because the word (phrase) is "you can do it"

yellow is the
only color i don't like, but it can't be
ugly because the sun shines yellow and
carries me to
anywhere, everyday. is it
not incredible, what is me and you and what we can
do? i think i am filled with helium because when the lid is
open and
i can't see limits i just keep going higher, up
to a place i didn't even imagine for myself!

oh yeah--i decided to head back to idaho for the few weeks before i go to maine. gol-lee, i am excited to go to maine! i'll probably go home in a couple days...

i haven't been playing my dear guitar for weeks, and it is quite sad. he is just in a little corner of this room with all my stuff stacked up. haven't written any songs either. i'll feel it soon, i hope. it will be fun to play around the campfire all the time this summer. i do love campfires more than most things in this world--especially how the smell fades, then you wash your hair and you can smell it again. *side note: if/when i have a surplus of money, the first thing i will do is hire somebody to wash my hair for me. it is the greatest.

the time has come for me to go upstairs and get a drink of water, so, adios!

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Elise said...

How's the silky, yellow shirt working out for you? It does look stunning on you and I have a feeling that it makes you want to walk barefoot in the park and sing in a classy/hippy sort of way.