Tuesday, May 6, 2008

bop bop bop

i think that i am going home tomorrow, and i am not quite prepared. i just need to pack, really. and i don't really want to. :) utah was beautiful today--i had hopes of spending some time outside, but it did not happen. maybe i can still go for a walk tonight.

i took alex to the airport today, and was quite sad at the thought of not seeing her for months and months! we did get to hang out with jonathan for a bit before we left, and that was very fun.

shape magazine says that self-control is an exhaustible resource. how does that fit in with the gospel? maybe that's when you ask for help.

okay, i'll admit that procrastination is my forte. and, luckily, i haven't run out of self-control yet, so i'm gonna go. pack.

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Richard and Emily said...

Even though I don't get to see you often I'm sad you're leaving Provo! Have fun being at home! I love you Marae rae! :)