Thursday, May 15, 2008

breaking news

brace yourselves for this one:

i have convinced mom to get rid of the moose jumper.

well, nearly. the next time you see it it will be in pillow form (she is quite attached). mom asked me for wardrobe help and i had a glorious hour in stacy london's shoes--throwing things in a pile on the floor, showing her what clothes go together, and convincing her that life is not better in head-to-toe denim. it was fun(ny). at one point she even said, "when you say no, i say no."

i ended up going to the dentist yesterday, and today i got to call another dentist who could fit me in three times next week. i had a filling fall-out, plus i have no less than a million cavities. every time mom offers me something sweet, i just look away dejectedly and say, "no. i will get cavities."

speaking of swedish fish (i mean sweet things--she offered to buy them for me), we stopped at pioneer today. always fun. for those of you who don't know, pioneer is a little store with everything from chip and pepper jeans to furniture to dented boxes of cereal. i don't know where they get all their stuff, but it's mostly a big party for rejected things. every so often they'll have something great--i did love the ch and ppr and the seven jeans, but they were still too costly.

i had watermelon for the first time this year. it was goood. i hope they have watermelon in maine. if not, it should be fine--i will just fill up on massive blueberries.

uhhh...not much else, except that i love the weather. have a warm weekend, everyone!


WhItNeY said...

Grandma is modernizing! I am so proud of her! ha ha well I totally wish i could have been there or at least seen grandma arguing to keep the moose jumper. Oh yeah- i too had my first watermelon of the year today! yummalicious bayba!!

Lizzylou said...

Instead of a moose pillow, have mom make me a jean quilt. Tell her it would be so sentimental to me, because I don't own one sentimental thing from my past. Ryan thinks I'm weird because he still has his baby blanket that is now in rags, and his mom even keeps all of his old toys and schoolwork. You should have gone through my closet......well maybe not, because all I would be left with would be my gold flats..oh wait, that big gold bow on the top ruined those ones also. I guess I'm doomed to teeny bopper' forever. Hey, maybe you and Elise could nominate me for what not to wear-PLEASE!!!

Richard and Emily said...

yummmmm watermelon! When are you going to Maine? Please walk on a part of the Appalachian trail when you get there! :)

Elise said...

Watermelon, check! Daily pineapple, grapes, honeydew, grapefruit, oranges, apples, bananas, kiwis, strawberries, and soon...massive blueberries. Oh yah, fruitopia. Remember that nasty drink from middle school that I used to twirl the bottle, take a sip, and then point as if I were on a Fruitopia commercial. Yah I was a nerdy one.Congrats on the moose. I hope any fringe, sequins, and flannel are gone as well.

Lizzylou said...

Marae-thanks again for helping me get in the world of blogging. It gives me something fun to do at night, and I love reading other peoples blogs. I learn a lot about other people that I didn't know. And thanks for writing me comments. It makes me think someone actually reads it.
Here is the recipe you wanted
Slow cooker Orange chicken
8 small boneless skinless chicken thighs (1 lb.)- I'm sure any meat would work fine
3 Tbsp. flour
1/3 C. Orange marmalade
1/3 C. BBQ Sauce
2 Tbsp. soy sauce
1Tbsp grated fresh gingerroot

Toss chicken with flour in slow cooker. Stir in remaining ingredients;cover with lid. Cook on low for 6-8hours or high for 3-4 hours. Makes 4 servings.

Enjoy-this is sooo easy, and you can plug the cooker in in the garage in the summer so you don't heat up the house. I love it with brown rice, and a veggie like broccoli. Love ya!

I thought of you wile making Fajitas tonight. You would have loved 'em they were sooo yummy.