Friday, May 30, 2008

far away

i cannot believe that i will be in maine in 24 hours. i have been scrambling around (sort of) to get everything together, all the while singing "far away" by ingrid (it's on my playlist- do listen).

far away, far away
i wanna go far away
to a new life on a new shoreline
where the water is blue
and the people are new
to another island
in another life

anyway, i've got great news! from june 1st to august 23rd i will be accepting handwritten letters and packages. please take advantage of this offer--it is for a limited time only!

marae lindsey
wavus camp
po box 350
jefferson, me 04348

marae lindsey
wavus camp
88 wavus point road
jefferson, me 04348

ooh, good news. both items of business that have been making me scrambly have been resolved by my wonderful brothers.

1. i was supposed to get a medical clearance to go to camp. i forgot. dr. jon lindsey to the rescue!

2. checking my guitar would be $50, and shipping would start at about $80 (silly delta only allows one checked bag these days). checking it might do damage, and shipping it dinged it up last time, so neither are great options. ben said i could use his backpacking guitar, so i'll just carry that little guy on and say goodbye to sergei for the summer. a bit sad, but maybe i'll love him more when i get back (uhhh, sergei is my guitar's name, if you are not aware. he's named after the russian man who towed my car, but didn't really tow my car because he just fixed it. and his name was really tomek, but we liked to call him sergei because he was so manly and russian).

ok, adios!

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