Thursday, May 1, 2008


yes, finally...a little direction! elise talked to the director at the camp she's working for this summer, the director called me, and i think i have a job! i am vair vair excited. for so many reasons, and in no particular order...

  • i get to go to maine
  • i get to be outside
  • i will get paid to mostly play
  • i will be there with my favorite sister and favorite friend
  • i don't have to look for a job for months!

i'm pretty sure that i will be helping with the ropes course, which i know nothing about. i will be trained, though, and...who knows? maybe i will come home loving heights.

camp begins in june, so my only problem is making some money in may...we'll see how that goes. please shoot any ideas my way.

for a quick update on the weeks i have missed...i:

  • went on vacation with mom and dad and elise. washington, canada, and nevada. despite over 30 hours in the car, it was fun! check out elise's blog for more details.

  • moved out of my apartment. not so fun! i miss my roommates terribly. it has only been five or six days, but feels like forever. i was looking forward to life as a bum with alex. alas...i'm all about the wandering bum lifestyle, but not the being poor part.

  • went to whitney and spencer's wedding reception. one of the most perfect matches i've seen. i knew it would happen since the time whitney ignored me at ward prayer because she was so entranced by s-blade...hehe.

  • have been staying with liz and ryan for the week. it has been great! the boys are fun and the food choices overwhelming. (i think i lived on 75% almonds and fruit leather last semester...)

okay, okay. this is getting long so i will stop.

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