Saturday, May 10, 2008

for trudiferd

dear trudy,

i know that you think blogging is incredibly dumb and you don't think that the rest of the world cares about the mundane details of your life, but the truth is: we do. i beg of you.

say i was not really me, but some other friend who is far away and only talks to you every three months (what a terrible friend...). i would never know that you went to taryn's baby shower with marae and your mom and sat in the back row cracking jokes and feeling jealous that marae won the drawing and the "guess how many jelly bellys" contest. nor would i know that taryn is all grown up now and it's kinda weird how old everyone's getting. and, i would not be able to feel jealous about you getting to eat hot dogs at costco. i shudder at the thought, trudy. i shudder.

i would also miss out on the details of the game party with cliffy, clint, callie, marae, and yourself. i would never know how compatible marae and cliffy are with word games, how terrible they are at speed games (i hear all geniuses are that way), or how you and callie both spilled your punch everywhere. my eyes would not glaze over as i read of everyone (except marae) reminiscing over clint eastwood and carey grant movies (none of which she has seen) for daaaays. and i would never know about your 12-year-old (wasn't he just three?) brother telling your mom that for mother's day she can see his pecs.

for me, trudy. please?

love, marae


hmmm...there were a million "blog-worthy" (haha) things to write from trudy's house, but i seem to have forgotten everything. it was great, and i noticed that the contrast between when i'm with my old friends and when i leave is stark. it is so nice to be with people who really, really know me. then i walk into the dark, get in the car, and drive away--and i won't see them tomorrow. it's not a big, dramatic thing...just a sudden drop in heart pressure. drooping shoulders.

on a different note...sometimes i think it funny that when we want to get from here to there, we get in a box on wheels. how did this become so popular? who decided that this was the best way? is there some completely different idea that is undiscovered, and will remain undiscovered because we don't want to change? not that i'm unsatisfied with automobiles--i certainly don't want to ice skate 400 miles to see grandma. i just think it's interesting. me, in a box, in my own world. following the same rules as everyone else, but not even acknowledging the people in their boxes as people...just boxes.

well, as most humans do, i must sleep. nighty-night.


Clifton said...

You're right about that compatibility thing, Marae, it was pretty awesome. It's really too bad that we think we're probably distantly related.

Elise said...

Please tell me, did Trudy get one? she would be a fantastic blogger.