Wednesday, May 28, 2008

i love these kids

one of my favorite parts about being home in idaho is babysitting hyrum and lydia. it's nice that jon and rachel pay me to play all day.

lydia loves to sit in her carseat in my car, whether we are going anywhere or not. this day we were about to go to the park but it started to rain, so we all sat in the backseat of my car and ate popcorn. she looks like quite the lioness in this picture.

my roommate alex did not so much appreciate our pet buffalo, but hyrum and lydia do. they fought over who got to ride him for a very long time.

hyrum picked this flower for me. out of the neighbor's yard. :) he was being very sweet indeed yesterday--he combed his hair over on the side, then came in and said, "i have a great idea! let's surprise my mom and clean the house!" he started to wash the mirrors, until his friend came over and he got distracted.

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Jonathan said...

Hey Marae, what's up? I totally see Jon in those kids! do those guys have a blog? (jon tadje)