Wednesday, May 7, 2008

i'm a new soul

in this very strange world. please watch yael naim's video--it's a favorite.

well, i never ended up packing yesterday. hehe. but, i did play my guitar for quite some time. it was much-needed. and, brian (brawn) came to visit me and that was vair vair fun. we went outside to jump on the trampoline, but it was soon cold, so we went inside. i saw his keys on the ground and said, "you left your keys on the ground? good thing the dog didn't take them. uh-oh, there's only one shoe."

to which he replied, "uhhh...i left my wallet on the ground, too."

so, we searched high and low and eventually did recover both wallet and shoe. then, we went inside and had tim-tam-slams. i guess they are an australian invention, but keebler grasshopper cookies work just as well as genuine tim-tams. to get the goodness in you, bite a teeny bit off of opposite ends of the cookie, then use the cookie like a straw to suck hot chocolate through. eat immediately. the hot chocolate melts the wafer-y inside, so it's like a gooey, chocolate-covered mint brownie. if you have a list of things to do before you die, please put this at the top. and act as if you'll die tomorrow.

brawn and i also played songs for each other (as usual) before he went home. it's nice to have a friend who will sing songs to you. well, it's nice to have a friend at all these days. :) most of mine are gone somewhere...

today it just rained all the day long. i only went outside one little time--otherwise, i just packed, played guitar, and watched non-memorable things on tv. watched part of oprah (disappointing today...all about some barbara walters scandal), part of the news, and some byu tv spotlight something. i don't care for tv much...perhaps i will never get one so watching boring things is not even an option.

i think i'll try to sleep early tonight. like, about now. well, i will read my scriptures first. study has been lacking a bit, and that is no good for me. so, that will

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WhItNeY said...

don't worry i think the lighting is a bit off in the pics. except for maybe Bronson. But I hope you have fun in Maine!! Now i really have to come visit you!