Friday, May 16, 2008

it's hot!

imagine this, if you will...

no one was home today and the sun was shining, so i went outside to get some sun on my recently alabaster skin. the morning sun was intense but not too overbearing, and a soft breeze took the edge off of the heat. they air was fresh and clear, the scent of flowers wafting, birds singing--almost as near as i've been to perfection (i won't tell you that i was lying on a therm-a-rest for camping and a towel on the driveway...that might ruin the picture). i opened my eyes briefly, only to see a little rodent far too close for my comfort. it was near my foot, so i shook it (foot) a bit and sat up and it ran away. then, i remembered the millions of holes in the ground aalll around the house, made the connection. kind of like when you see a little bug on your arm and are suddenly and absolutely convinced that you have lice.

anyway, can you believe my bravery? i laid there for at least 15 more minutes. and i am still alive.

this afternoon i babysat hyrum and lydia. always fun, and always an adventure. hyrum is pretty grown up for five, and he does all sorts of things like hunting with jon and wandering the neighborhood, so i'm never really sure what he's allowed to do. so, he found a knife and said, "yes! my pocket knife!" then went away carving at a stick for at least an hour, while i'm figuring that if his parents bought him a pocket knife he's probably allowed to use it. then when jon came home and hyrum was showing off his very pointy, smooth stick, jon says, "cool! you didn't carve that, did you?" and it turned out that hyrum was using jon's tool that falls apart easily and is really quite dangerous (and that he's not allowed to use)...i am very lucky he still has his fingers.

elise told me to take some pictures of the green-ness around our house. i forgot to today, but i did see the sunset and run outside. this is the same sky from five different spots around our house...beautiful, huh? even so, the camera couldn't quite capture it...

oh, it's late!

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Gretchen said...

Hey Marae! A) I loooove the story of how you found my blog. That pretty much made my day. B) Amazing sunsets! That's one of my favorite things about Idaho.