Tuesday, May 13, 2008

please don't stop the music

i was just checking out whitney's blog and that song was on. the phrase will not leave my head. this morning elise and i were talking and she said, "i was looking at whitney and brook's blogs, and, what ever happened to the awkward stage?" seriously. we were not that cute at their age(s). apparently they have somebody to tell them that curly bangs and bowl cuts aren't that cute.

jeesh, i had so many great things to say yesterday...now it is morning and my brain is blank. well, i am thinking that my hair is looking like straw these days. maybe it's time to go latin.

mom just came in reeeally excited that she has a job for me to do. "the windows are sooo dirty. this is going to be great!" haha. so, i guess i will go.

oooh, a great thing, though, is that i've been needing to call the dentist and they just called us. so, don't let me forget--me, dentist, 10:00 thursday.

have a fantastic day...

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WhItNeY said...

Haha Marae you are to nice! Well thats pretty awesome you got a job in maine! Lucky duck!!