Monday, May 26, 2008

she's still alive!

well, it's the first time in days that i have had time to sit and breathe here for a minute. and, i got ten hours of sleep--quite the improvement upon the 2-5 i have been getting. i was running ragged there for a bit...get home at 3:30 from indiana jones, sleep at 4:00, get up at 6:00 to make it to my early morning dentist appt, do it again the next day, etc.

indiana jones was: dumber than i expected. unrealistic adventure plus aliens? no thanks. we had fun, though.

after my fourth trip to the dentist, i'm finally finished! here's a little excerpt from one of our conversations:

dr: how's that antisthetic working?

m: it worked so fast this time! as soon as she gave me the shot, my tongue was tingling.

dr: uh, was it a tingle, or more like a little electric shock?

m: yeah, more like an electric shock.

dr: there's a little nerve back there and she must have hit it. your tongue might be numb for a while...

and here i am, three days later, with a partially numb tongue. i saw my dentist that i normally go to at church yesterday and asked him about it...apparently it is not normal, and is sometimes permanent. uhhh, ok.

speaking of church, i sang in sacrament meeting yesterday. it went pretty well--especially considering the tongue (don't worry, i speak normally. well, as normally as i normally speak.) and my very sore throat. every time i practiced in the morning, my throat would close or clog or go hoarse, so i was very grateful that it did not happen during the real thing.

what else, what else...i went hiking on saturday in hells canyon (deepest gorge in north america!) and that was very fun and very beeautiful. and yesterday was just about the most beautiful day in this area's history, so i'm liking being outside lately.

okay, i'm off. more updates later.

ps: elise and alex--i went to steve and barry's. everything was 9.98 and under. lot's of cute things, but i was not in the mood to buy, really. amanda bynes' line=pretty yuck. sjp's line=kinda like gap, lots of good stuff. check it out.


Lizzylou said...

OK, I have a few question. #1 what is steve and Barry's? Is it a local, or online store. #2 How was the date. I started to think that you maybe eloped or soemthing because you hadn't posted a blog OR A COMMENT ON MY BLOG for some time. You said you got home at 3:30. Did you go and "park" or something, or did you fall asleep in the theater, and got left there by your date, having to walk 15 miles home? I bet your excited about leaving to main soon. I hope your tongue feels better soon.

Brookie said...

Hey Marae!! Hey are you going to the family reunion at grandma Lindseys? Is Elise? I think my familys going. I hope you guys are! If not it's okay, I know your going to Maine. How fun!!

Lizzylou said...

Thanks for posting 2 comments on my blog. When I saw it, it felt like Christmas for a second. After I looked up steve and barry's on the internet, I remembered seeing a bunch of stuff about that store on Oprah and other places. I just didn't know the stores existed in the west. I think I may stop by there one day soon. I will be calling you to get more details on Mystery man. Love ya