Wednesday, June 18, 2008

i love nectarines.

sadly, my blogging love is waning ever so slightly. hopefully i will get back in the groove soon.

today i went out in a kayak for the first time in three days--i had been missing it! most of the staff went on wilderness trips, but since i'm not a counselor, i stayed behind with a few others.

yesterday we planned meet the kieve boys at a portland sea dogs baseball game. so, we did, but it ended up getting postponed on account of rain. we did get to stand in the bleachers and do the wave and hear the boys doing boy chants, so we got some of the baseball experience in. since we drove 1.5 hours to get there, we decided to bowl while we were already far away. i don't know why our leaders thought that they could just walk into a bowling alley and have them be ready for 100 people, but we did, and they were. it was really fun!

elise under the stadium lights.

girls and boys doing the wave

do not mess with us.

anna and jaime going back to the middle school dance

it's all in the ball selection.


Lizzylou said...

I don't blame you for slacking on blogging. Who wants to sit in front of the computer when they could be livin' in up like you are! I also love nectarines, but even better, I love yummy ripe peaches!

Bret and Jake said...

no only us and john and rachel that picture is from last year

Jeanne said...

I love nectarines too and they are full of antioxidants :)

WhItNeY said...

hey marae i just realized who your celebrity look alike is... Jordin Sparks! has anyone ever told you that you look alike? You guys don't have the same smile but when she closes her mouth her face totally reminded me of yours!! well i think you two are amazingly gorgeous in every way! well have fun without me i wish i could come stay with you OOOOOOOOOOOo so badly!