Sunday, June 1, 2008

i'm a maine-iac, maine-iac!

i already wrote, then added these pictures. they automatically go to the top and are a pain to drag down, so here's a little the beginning. like dessert first, right?

in case you were wondering, they sell these at walgreens.

mmm...breathe that air.

yeah, she's like an american eagle model or something.

perhaps the most incriminating photo of myself i will ever post, but i love this picture. we were going so fast that i managed to get a flat-top on the side-ish. my hair is down today...that's just wind. also note elise keeping her cool and the slobber in my mouth.

well, i'm here in maine. it is so great! except for the fact that elise is sitting next to me constantly making fun. hehe. it is so beautiful and smells like nothing else. we have been taking lots of pictures--it's good to start out the adventure on the right foot.

church today was fantastic. the power went out in sacrament meeting so we only had two blocks (that's not why it was fantastic--just an entirely different fact). we planned to drive to kieve to leave the car then kayak home to wavus, but we ended up getting a ride in a motorboat instead. there is plenty of kayaking to be done this week, though. i can't wait!

so far everything is really exciting and adventuresome...stay tuned for updates! we will be without car all summer, so i'm sure there will be some interesting stories about our attempts at transportation. don't worry--we have agreed to not hitchhike, no matter what. unless we're walking and someone stops to ask if we want a ride and it's a mom with a little kid. (most rules have exceptions, right?)

tetherball at our new home

in memory of elise wearing a lifejacket to sing at the senior center when we were younger

anyone up for a drive? all of the roads are like this.

flowers outside the kitchen

matching crooked sunglasses, waiting for our boatride home from church

just two little hippie lobsters

at the fish ladder

we love red barns

adventuring at kieve

on the dock

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