Monday, June 2, 2008

sweet laziness

elise and i woke up at the same time today. "uhhh, elise? is it really 12:06?" we must be playing very hard, as we rarely ever can sleep so long.

so, we got up and ran a little mile to get our blood pumping, then explored some transportation and accommodation options for boston. we are probably going this week. yay! i am most excited to walk around walden pond. it would probably be safe to say that henry david thoreau is my homeboy. and i really don't say that about anyone.

after eating a watermelon and pineapple lunch, we went back to the cabin and got cold, so we got in our sleeping bags. that made us tired, so we closed our eyes for a much-needed 3:00 nap. haha. we also talked and read some of the good book(s).

it was not long before we got cabin fever, so we went outside to explore, sing songs, bask on the dock, etc. following these adventures, we got some olive oil from the kitchen and partied in the bathroom while it soaked in our hair.

the day was very lazy, but definitely enjoyable. instead of feeling unproductive, we decided to appreciate the laziness, because we may soon be exiting the phase of life where that is even a possibility. so, enjoy the laziness we did. :)

singing songs on the lake

american eagle model pose #2

this place is beautiful

party! (don't let your mama know)
party! (cause she won't let you go)
party! (alright alright alright)

i think i was born a few decades late

elise doing the polka


still singing

i cannot get her to stop kissing her muscles. this is definitely david's sister.

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