Sunday, June 15, 2008

where do i start?

well, my dears. this week has been fanstastic. lo siento for the blogging lack-o. malory has truly been the highlight of my life as of late. there's a place in my heart that i never thought would be filled, and i must say--it is overflowing. i can't believe i'm writing all of these kind things as she trash talks me over my shoulder.

sadly, i hate writing lately. i prefer to kayak (which i have done almost every day for the past week, much to my delight!). we had ropes training, which was one of the more memorable experiences in my life. we had a wonderful instructor (jim bo) who taught us the ways of the challenge course. we also became really good friends as staff, which is a nice way to begin a working season.

the past two days have been wilderness first aid--really boring compared to ropes, but i learned a lot of valuable skills. did you know that the epi-pen just opens up the constricted airway so you can get the benadryl down? i thought that the epinephrine was the magic all along.

tonight the rest of staff arrived, so there are 60 or 70 girls screaming around...lots of people to get to know, but it's really fun so far. we'll be in staff training until next tuesday.

my life is really not as boring as my writing, but i am tired and want to go to bed.
so i will.

our instructor, jim, riding the giant swing

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Lizzylou said...

I want a turn on the giant swing!