Wednesday, June 4, 2008

worn out. and happy.

my one regret in life is not bringing a camera along with us yesterday. it was a great, great day to be alive! our goal was to get to town-- damariscotta, maine, 12 miles away. we started out kayaking to kieve, the camp across the lake. that took about 1.5 hours, and, i loved it! i cannot tell you how much my muscles have missed rowing. it rained a lot and we were soaked, but if you know me, you know that rain is a positive in most situations.

next, we grabbed out bikes that we had stowed away to complete the next leg of our journey. one bike had bad gears and one had bad brakes, so i had a hard time going down hills and elise had a hard time going up hills...between the two of us, it was a bit ridiculous. and, i don't know how bikers get used to it--it hurts the behind! when we got to town, we were in agreement upon the idea of ditching the bikes. we propped them up against a tree by the river, and didn't really want to go back to get them.

needing nourishment, we went to the grocery store, where i found a new favorite snack. wasabi flavored roasted edamame. mmm, i do love wasabi. we also lunched on cheese and crackers, checked out a thrift store, then started walking back to camp. oh yeah--let's not forget. we mainly wanted to go to town to get after eight mints--one of mine and elise's mutual favorite candies. so, we did get those as well.

let's just say that the walk home was looong. my chacos were not quite worn in, so i was quite blistery. elise was also, but she was more saddle-sore from biking. whenever i wanted a mint, i would say (in a ridiculous voice that elise and i only use around each other), "i would kayak four hours, bike 8 miles, and walk eight more, just for one half of an after eight mint." that was her cue to get one out of the backpack for us to share.

back at kieve, the wonderful kitchen ladies offered us a feast, which we happily took them up on. they loaded us up with mini cheesecakes and izze juice sodas for the road, and we got back in the kayak. i'm glad kayaking was our last leg, because, even exhausted, i really enjoyed it. i hope to do it as much as possible this summer. the lake and sky and water were all beautiful, smell of trees and campfire, all covered in a light rain the whole way--it was a very happy-to-be-alive time.

today, we postponed our boston plans in favor of rest. we did venture to town (a much closer, one market and one lumber store town). our muscles were achy and i had to go part of the way barefoot, but it was a fun time with beautiful scenery on the way.

we head to boston tomorrow, so that update will come soon!

near the beginning of our walk, i laughed and stumbled and broke my shoe (i was wearing flip flops because i had chaco blisters). i walked barefoot into town, then elise gave me the great idea of fixing my shoe with band aids. they held up all the way home!

elise knows a good photo spot when she sees one.

my high school teacher said i'd probably be happy slopping hogs with a part-time mail route (though those weren't exactly the aspirations she had in mind for me). i liked that compliment, and she may be right.

this spot was just picturesque.

i love this picture! when did cows become such a great backdrop?

after discovering that the tiny store didn't have flip-flops and realizing that we weren't hungry yet, we went out to their dock for a little nappy nap.

i kept talking to elise while she tried to sleep. payback from childhood, i say.

resting on our floating dock

elise loves to zoom in then make me laugh and take a picture.

wavus camp-us--these are our cabins.

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Lizzylou said...

Your trips to town sound exhausting, is it really worth the after dinner mint? Today we were doing a puzzle of the U.S. and I showed Davy where Maine is, and he said "that is way too far away, tell aunt Marae she should come back to Utah." We miss you!