Thursday, July 24, 2008

the 'gash

it is about time that i blogged!

i did have a great excuse--i went on a two week canoe trip. when i got home i was excited to write all about it, but the computer froze, my post was deleted, blah. anyway, it was my greatest 14 days of the year--13 days canoeing the allagash waterway and one day rafting the penobscot river. aaahh...i do love the outdoors!

i was very happy to return and see my dear sister, but, alas, i now wish i was out there again. some key words/phrases: gravel beach, ranger pat, mud pond portage, storm cloud. don't have the typing endurance to explain them all, but it was a great time. i went with one other counselor and 10 very competent 14-year-old girls. we had beautiful weather, saw 13 moose, and made up many songs about our adventures. here is one (inspired by "far away" by ingrid michaelson).

i will live my life as a park ranger's wife
on the allagash waterway
he will take care of me, we'll live at gravel beach
and close to my heart he'll always stay

i will bear three boys, they will make lots of noise
little cooper and austin and nate
as i feed our pet bear i will catch his warm stare
on the allagash waterway

far away, far away, i wanna go far away
to a new lake at a new campsite
where the water is blue and the people are few
to another island in another life

i wish i had pictures, but they asked me to go so last-minute that i quickly packed only the bare essentials.

well, that's it! elise is "goddess of the day" (which means she makes up the theme and evening activity and basically runs the show for the day) and i am about to miss the trashion show. (the theme is red carpet day and the girls are making dresses out of garbage bags. gotta see this.) bye!


Lizzylou said...

Your trip sounded so fun. I loved the song, you should be a song writer. I'm sure Elise is glad to have to back. I hope you got some pictures of the trashion show. I'd love to see them.

Nicki said...

Yea, you're back! I missed you! Glad to hear you had fun...oh to have your life! You are one lucky duck! (Where did that phrase come from anyway!??) I've been lookin at your sister's blog and thankfully so, because she posted that you were gone, otherwise, I would have been worried! I HATE YOU!!!!

Alex Christensen said...

indeed i have been missing your posts :)

you would be proud to know that i hike almost every other day and that i got nick to buy a Ben Sherman suit at nordstrom for the wedding...he looks snazzy in it for sure :)

how i wish you were going to be here for my next saturday and another the saturday after that. i keep thinking that i am going to get lots of baby wipes, but then force myself to remember that that was a baby shower you went to...nuts!