Friday, August 29, 2008


elise and i have been babysitting hyrum and lydia this week. at some point elise tied her hood tightly and starting speaking with an accent, pretending she was a girl named lafonda, who likes to dress just like elise but always wears a hood because she has a bald spot. we met her at a gas station. they ask incessantly about her--even lydia goes around yelling, "fonda? fonda?" today they got another sighting when elise was wearing a towel on her head after her shower, and covering part of her face with an ice pack (wisdom teeth out yesterday). i think they will be far more disappointed to see lafonda go tomorrow than the two of us...

lydia getting so big!

i left my camera on a chair. we went somewhere. jon came home for lunch. i found my camera later to discover these precious gems, and many more.

-was really amazed at jon's muscles
-says, "don't worry dave, we know you could take jon any day."


Brookie said...

Hello! This is Brooklyn Barben. I am doing a Faith Project for Young Womens and want to put together a book about grandpa Lindsey. Could you send me a story, of how grandpa (Your dad) has demonstrated faith in his life. Could you please write something for me about him. I want to give this to him. If you have a picture of him with you, either when you were little, older, or with your family. I would appreciate it so much if you could do this for me! If you can please write it as soon as possible, that would be Great!! Please send it to my email .
Thank you so much!!

Rachel said...

I'll claim the cute little girl in the 1st picture, but I don't have to claim the weirdo in the other two, right? At least I can say I'm not blood related like you are :)