Wednesday, August 13, 2008

she's back!

elise just returned! surprisingly, she doesn't smell bad at all. it is very very good to have her back!

can i just say that i don't want to hear another jonas brothers or miley cyrus song for as long as i shall live?


Katie said...

Speaking of music- I was really confused when your blog first came up. I thought my phone was ringing or that music was coming from my neighbor's apartment or something. And then I realized it was coming from the computer on my lap.

Mike and Shari said...

Oh my goodness...did you know that Spencer loves Miley Cyrus? We are living with Whitney and Spencer for a week until our apartment is ready, and he played "7 things" this morning while we ate breakfast! We miss you very very very very much Marae...I hope you are doing well!

Jeanne said...

the kids are asking every day when you're comming!!!