Sunday, September 14, 2008

nobody likes kfc.

ben: nobody likes kfc. they're going out of business, at least in the u.s. i haven't been to a good kfc since my mission.

elise: yeah. i hear they serve biscuits from behind the fridge.

ben: elise. there's more to eat than just smoothies.

elise: marae- definition of perused, please? marae. stop trying to make me look dumb.

elise: a lot of times in life, that's how it happens. it's MIScommunication. MISdefinition. marae. if you're going to document me, do it correctly. rrrggh. no one CARES about what i say.

ben: *craig laugh* *craig laugh* *craig laugh* (sort of like a dolphin)

elise: maraaae. if you're going to put this in the public, you need to talk to my agent. don't be ridiculous if you're talking about me. i have a reputation to keep. STOP. and morals to...obtain? UPHOLD. UPHOLD. stop. i'm going to go cry myself to sleep. noogie two.

workin' at the carwash

we went to seattle. elise doesn't like bums.

stalking ben at the gas station

elise gave me skittles. i turned them into a tree and re-gifted them back to her. actually, she came and ate them off my desk.

weeber hard at work.


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