Saturday, October 4, 2008

california report

elise and i spent about eleven days in california, babysitting for a week and then just playing with kirsten and mussie's family. it was fun!

elise thought for sure that she'd be able to school gwen...

not a chance, says gwenny

waiting for the show to start (a misty night-exclusive fhe performance)

rachael, narrator of the play

gwen with her new swimsuit and monkeys

oliv with her winnings from lunch at school

you may think that i took this because i thought it was funny and messy and unusual. actually, lily got a hold of the camera and this is a candid dinner shot. you can catch gwen like this at every meal.

the famous star and playwright of a misty night


push the button on her forehead and she eats her dinner

rachael getting mighty tall!

another scene from a misty night

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Nicki said...

I'm so glad that you had a fun trip! There's only one thing missing..the pic of when you and I hung out at the beach, oh wait, we didn't hang out....:( Maybe next time! Kirsten's girls are getting so big and cute!