Sunday, October 12, 2008

got a present for you

elise and i have been occupying ourselves this week with plenty of work at action pages. we started out the week doing phone book deliveries. a few experiences/tidbits of information:

-"wipe your paws here" is the most popular saying to grace welcome mats. by far.
-it's really awkward when you're setting a book at someone's door as they open it, or stare at you out their window, or when their door is already open and they're just sitting and watching tv. elise and i pretend to be really excited and say, "i brought you something special!" or something similarly dorky.
-guy: "are those phone books you're delivering?"
me: "yep."
guy: "is your number in there?"

what else, what else? i mean, you would think i would have so many exciting stories to share about the hours and hours we have spent comparing every single line from action pages to every single line in two utility books. well, we did bring a costco thing of grapes to work yesterday and elise and i managed to eat all 5 lbs. that was exciting. oh! don't forget that when i was buying the grapes, they looked at david's costco card, then at me, then said, "i'm sorry, but i can't give this back to you. we're going to have to shred it." so, he confiscated the card but proceeded to let me borrow the card belonging to the lady behind me in line. weird.

cooper loves his pink teddy


the least creepy in a series of many that elise took of herself

courtesy of elise

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