Sunday, October 12, 2008

hi mom!

dear mom,

i know you like to be blogged about. i googled you because i don't have any pictures of you to post. i found this interesting information.

There are 132 unique 'Linda Lindsey' full names in the United States.
Name Ranking
Lindsey is the # 484 ranked last name in the United States
# 483 Tyler
# 484 Lindsey
# 485 Dominguez
Linda is the # 18 ranked first name in the United States.
# 17 Larry
# 18 Linda
# 19 Edward

Number of People Searches for 'Linda Lindsey' in the United States last month: 21

we have also been compiling mom quotes for a book we plan on making. feel free to submit any you may have. one we have been saying a lot is

"where's me purse?"


Katie said...

dear marae-

1. you still won't answer my phone calls. ever.
2. we have buffalo meat in our freezer. bryan almost made tacos out of it today.
3. i walked passed the big fat hissy fits in macey's the other day and giggled out loud.
4. bryan brought up the holly hobbie movie again a few days ago.
5. you have no idea how hard it is to live without marae music.

Lizzylou said...


MaloryBrooke said...

SUGA!!!! I miss you like crazy. I just blogged today. I am going to start blogging every Sunday so keep checking. I love you and miss you! Where are you girls headed next on your adventure??? Miss you love you!