Sunday, October 26, 2008

i swear i was born right in the doorway

elise says "update"
lately i've been dividing my time between working at the office and helping to organize things with the move-in (dave and jeanne moved). it's nice to mix things up a little. at work on friday i called over 500 people to see if their numbers were disconnected or not. you know that three-note tone- "doo doo doo, we're sorry, the number you have dialed..."-- music. to. my. ears.

elise went home to idaho, so i am somewhat of a loner in this business. i suppose i can survive for two more weeks, though. however, eliza asks where she is every day. "where's elise? when is she coming home? i wish she would come home today. i like her. she gives me mints and she's also very very nice to me."

well, not much to say, but

i'm excited about:

going to idaho and seeing elise, mom, dad, hyrum, lydia, rachel, and jon

trudy's bridal shower where i will see trudy and taryn and all my old favorites

thanksgiving with the barbens (perpetual partying with whitney and brook!)

seeing liz's family and grandma on the way to thanksgiving (are you going? i hope so.)

picking up CRAIG! and cruising

the holidays and hopefully a massive family gathering where we will have to use 18 gallons of ice cream to make a bomb sufficient to feed our enormity

trudy's wedding celebration and meeting her man

moving to utah and seeing that towering immensity of mountain all around every single minute

the possibility of seeing nicole/rice in utah or california

seeing kt and whitney and i wish alex and all of the others i give my kombucha-filled heart to

learning in class again


wow, who knew i had so many great times ahead? as good old mr. urban says, who wouldn't want to be me?


Elise said...

as Shedaisy says "come home soon".

Katie said...

as Shekatie says "we must bsr the moment you return."

Nicki said...

I made the list! I feel so honored! I miss you! And I've been meaning to do my own homeless barbie post, but I haven't gotten around to taking a pic of her...Yes, that's right, she's alive and kickin'....with Ken somewhere in Tessa's room...I need to dig her up and have her pay a visit to my blog! Hopefully I'll get to see you at Christmas?! Oh, and you never tell me you hate me and that makes me sad....:( So for old time sake, I HATE YOU!!!!!!!

Alex Christensen said...

i miss you so much! (read as "i miss you so muhhhhch")

i wish i was going to be playing with you in utah too..but texas is good and i am having fun getting to dance everyday :)

happy belated birthday as well- don't get married and move and start a couple of new just makes you so not on top of things! (even though it is great :) )

be good or good at it!

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