Wednesday, October 1, 2008

i'm it.

lizzie tagged party!

5 Things I've done in the past 10 years
1. hit a deer in dad's car
2. tie for first and last place, all in the same marathon
3. nearly perfect the "bomb" (famous ice cream cake)
4. fallen in and out of love/obsession with 'nsync, the monkees, richard simmons, and the movie aquamarine
5. learn-ish to play the guitar

5 Things I wish I could do today
1. swim in peeled grapes
2. hike somewhere very green and watery
3. get a decent (okay, really good) haircut
4. row for a long long time
5. go on the boy scout route with the originals

5 Foods I wouldn't want to live without
1. clif nectar bars. chocolate brownie.
2. kombucha and more kombucha
3. every fruit in existence
4. salmon
5. caprese salad
6. gelato (oops. that's six.)

5 Things I Would Do If I Were A Millionaire...
(i'm going to assume that this means i make millions every year)
1. always have my six favorite foods on hand
2. get massages frequently (possibly daily)
3. hire somebody to wash my hair for me. and brush my teeth.
4. purchase the things that i've always wanted, like brown camper boots, excellent outdoor gear, plane tickets to far away, etc.
5. do lots of good.
*if i may, i will add that i will not spend my millions on $6000 bags, or $500/plate meals, or buying anything just because i can. there are still starving people in...everywhere.

5 Places I Have Lived...
1. Alaska
2. Washington
3. Utah
4. Idaho
5. Maine

5 Jobs I Have Had...
1. jeb's corner milkshake girl
2. river guide
3. byu football games- ice cream! cotton candy!
4. nanny
5. ropes course specialist at a summer camp

5 People I Tag...
1. mom
2. alex
3. emily
4. katie
5. toni


Lizzylou said...

Thanks for playing along. It was fun to read your answers. I hope mom does it I'm curious to see what she would do if she was a millionaire.

Rachel said...

You're blog is so fun to read, you really should post more often! If you have any pictures left that Jon took of himself will you send them to me so I can add them to my blog? BTW, how are things going and when are you guys coming back this way???

Katie said...

marae- why on earth would you wait to be a millionaire and hire someone to brush your teeth when you know I will always do it for free?

Katie said...

p.s. the more i am on your blog with the music playing the more i am almost sick from missing you so terribly! you must return to provo asap on account of my health. i think of you every day. for reals. come baaaaaaack!

Nicki said...

wow, I learned so much about you....You are so awesome and I love love love you!