Saturday, October 4, 2008

KT and Nicole

i sure miss you.

katie: every time i see that you called all i want to do is be in front of the boy scout's window eating favorite salad with you. possibly singing in a chipmunk voice. buffalo and brawny bear would also be there, and maybe sissy the snake (did i tell you that i found mini hissy fits at fred meyer?). we would be wearing favorite pants and mocassins, and brawny would be across the street singing the fatal flaw song. i will call you back soon, i promise.

thanks for always brushing my teeth. is that a mirror or does shari have a very slim closet? hahaha, remember when brawny (the dog) ate your undies?

nicole: it broke my heart to not see you in california! i miss you very much. when will you be in utah? i'll be there beginning of january-maybe i can go early. when i was driving with elise, i kept telling her, "that's where nicole used to live, and that's where we walked around that one time..." etc. i must see you soon!

i wish i had a picture of our homeless barbie. we should introduce her to this nice lady.

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Katie said...

yes indeedy- her name is really sophia jane, and mostly i call her sophie or sophia to her face, but chris and anna call her soapy and i think it's very cute but i haven't yet been able to bring myself to say it aloud. also, while i do still of course love rocky with all my heart (i'll tell him that you send your undying love) i bought a new teal chair! it is a very classy looking arm chair that is just my size. i love it love it love it. i hope someday you will come visit me and sit in it for a while. perhaps sing me a song on your guitar (or on mine, but you'd have to tune it because i haven't played it in many moons) while you sit in it. is it true that you're coming back to school here at byu in jan jan? i hope so very much-a. where are you going to be living? please tell me all the very juciest details of your life asap as i cannot bear all this time apart. may all the chipmunks in the world be singing to you, panka