Sunday, November 30, 2008

goodwill and grandma's

i love goodwill. particularly the one in boise- their ratio of high-quality items to total junk is more excellent than most. plus, they get lots of new stuff from target, and everyone knows that target is awesome. on a rare day that i didn't actually find anything, i wandered to the non-clothes and found these treasures...

katie, when are we going to watch the hollie hobbie movie?
ps. be glad you're you, that's a nice thing to be.
#2 to katie- who needs the coal umbrella when you can find an excellente array of elephantes here?
for whitney wanda white - blake
our trip to utah was really great. see elise's and/or liz's blog for details. one highlight was visiting grandma. she had saved these beautiful clothes for elise and me- thanks grandma! we had to take pictures immediately.

isn't this pose just classy?
front view- mine was red velvet with embroidered snowflakes and elise's had angels
back view. it said, "capture the magic."
the girls. mom received the zebra print/leopard-colored beauty, and we dressed grandma up with a little fur.
you really should further your modeling career, elise.
mom and grandma uninterested in the photo-op
classic mom-laughing

idaho is home to the most beautiful nights. really.


Sanford Family said...

Goodwill is my favorite too!! I love your grandma. Those are some great clothes. Congrats on BYU. When will I see you again?

Nicki said...

got to love red velvet and family...the combination is unstopable!

Katie said...

1. I feel honored indeed.
2. Please bring me an elephant.