Saturday, November 8, 2008


right down the middle.

happy birthday hyrum! we are celebrating his sixth today. grandma made a delicious fiesta dinner, and hyrum is currently attempting to sneak his 89th dessert of the day (don't worry rachel, probably only his third-we rejected his request for soda, peanut butter pops, ice cream, 7-up cake, etc etc). elise has already taken to calling him "noogie", just like we call coop-de-doop.
lydia is as cute as ever. to dave: lydia picked up your phone book that was in my car and said, "pretty book."

terror of the day: i was carrying one of my boxes inside from the shed, when i saw a little tail flicker out of the top. i proceeded to throw the box and run inside to get hyrum. he wanted to save me, but it turns out that he's afraid of mice, too. i kicked the box and grabbed things and flung them until the little thing ran into the garden, as dad laughed and hyrum stood with his fingers up to his mouth.

we also watched some long-lost family videos. they are amaaazing. there has got to be a showing when craig gets home!


Bret and Jake said...

that story of lydia reminds me of jaxon he loves hearing stories. one time when he was little he was holding a book upside down and he said "I like this book"

Oh and tell hyrum i said happy birthday! can't wait to see you guys

from, Bret

Lizzylou said...

I HATE MICE TOO!!! Just thinking of them make me squirm!

Katie said...

Hahahahahahahahahahahahha. I would have taken a trip all the way to Idaho just to see that. If only you had let me know in advance.

May you find a mouse just the same next time I visit you there in cowboy land,