Monday, November 10, 2008

one two three four

broke out my dehydrator and made raw milk yogurt and flax crackers

mom took elise shopping and made me stay home and study

submitted a million assignments and quizzes and re-learned that laser stands for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation

super totally awesome
wore my hair in a side ponytail


Elise said...

you know when I called you one minute after we left and you did not answer, well that was to say that I miss you already.
I cannot believe mom tried to seperate us.
maybe.Shopping wasn't that great. maybe.We bought some things for Rogers birthday.
maybe. We mainly we just talked and laughed about you.She obviously missed you the entire time.
maybe.Things we passed mom would say " I bet Marae would like that" or "that would look fantastic on Marae" but then she would follow up with "ugh, she doesn't need anything else, I am going to make her get a storage to keep all of her stuff".
maybe.Often she would clasp her hands together, put them near her face, bat her eyes, look up to eternity, and say "isn't marae the most precious".
maybe. you will give me some attention soon.

Katie said...

1. I am so proud of you!
2. You and Ellianta never fail to crack me up. I miss you muchas smoochas.

P.S. Any update on your mysterious ecclesiastical endorsement.
P.P.S. I might have just spelled ecclesiastical wrong... twice.

Katie said...

P.P.P.S. That first P.S. was supposed to be a question. Oops!