Thursday, November 13, 2008

please don't let it ever come to this

1. mom and dad ask if we want to go on a train ride.
i go in and they are watching a train ride.
a full-length feature
of a train ride.

mom was so excited when they got to nevada.
"look! there's yarrington. that little house behind the tree."

see it?

2. it took me a long time to find the remote.
i guess i was looking for something a bit smaller.

this might put a more accurate image in your mind
but look at that big moon outside my door.


Elise said...

hahaha. That was the most ridiculous evending ever. they are getting so old :) the best part was when you went in and were making chuga chuga choo choo noises.
That is the most gargantuous remote ever. I think we could use it as a sled.

Are you ready to go shopping? booyah.

Laura said...

Marae that remote is huge! Do they have a huge sofa to keep the huge remote on? Love your playlist on here too!

WhItNeY said...

marae! i am counting down the days till thanksgiving. literally. well me and brook are already scheming up some great adventures! ah ah its gonna super super super super super fun. i can''t believe how long its been!Love you and cannot wait to see you!

Jeanne said...

I laughed so hard tears were streaming down my face!

Nicki said...

so they are in neveda now? I love that remote...that is too funny!