Friday, January 9, 2009

"things just work out for me"

katie used to always say that to make fun of me.
and they usually do
probably because
i expect them to.

-my apartment is eight blocks from everywhere (except the grocery store--it's about eight steps) so i am forced to get a nice 2o minute walk each way to and fro' campus

-my roommates finally moved in and are great. they already made fun of me for sleeping in my sleeping bag and offered blankets

-i declared recreational management & youth leadership/ leisure services mgmt as my major. i am taking a couple rec classes and it is just making sense. and it's exciting!

-i've already seen at least 8 friends on campus. that's pretty good, considering i thought i had no more than three

-betsy is having a birthday party tonight and i get to go and see her

-elise might visit me

-i still need a job (i have hardly had a moment to look, of course).

-my schedule is sweeet (done by one at the latest every day).


Elise said...

the power of the mind

alee said...

oh how i am jealous! live it up and forget the gap, sucka!

Rachel said...

Sounds like you're related to Jon. Things always work out for him too. Must be a great way to live! I've been taking lessons the last 8 years so maybe I'll finally get it one of these days :) Sounds like a pretty cool major if I don't say so myself... One more way to tie you and Elise at the hip!