Thursday, January 22, 2009

to the max

it's true. i have been to 2 byu basketball games. i am not generally a sports lover, but my roommates invite me, and i go, and it's very fun. i still own no byu memorabilia/clothing and can't yet bring myself to yell "aiiirbaaall, aiiirbaaall" with the rest of the student section, but i'm taking baby steps. to my credit, i have nearly memorized the fight song already.

hmmm. my life is near the tippy-top of excellent, but i just have no report.

love you long time. (i miss the allagash)


Elise said...

my taste buds are going crazy. I cannot wait for the precious moment that we are together... I am talking about me & you, not me & the food.

See you in a few short days.

Katie said...

Dear Marae-ray,

I am most impressed. Or at least surprised or something. Anyway, how new of you. And congrats on learning most all of the fight song. I still haven't gotten that far. Well, be a BYU fan and buy a shirt or something.


P.S. We must go walking again soon.

Elise said...

Looking at the ceiling from my bed
You are all I think of in my head

For I am just really really excited
Grapefruit sours & phone calls, that's why I am delighted

40 hours till we embrace
until then I must pace

Wow, It sounds like I'm a creep
I guess that is a secret we shall keep