Sunday, February 1, 2009


my roommate chelsea is hyperventilating over the last 45 seconds of the superbowl and i am listening to this incredddible cd that betsy made for me. and pepping myself up to write a paper about neulinger's paradigm. yum.

activities to be noted:

-i went to 'evolutions of dance' with chelsea. i LOVED it. dancing is NOT my thing, but it was so entertaining and just amazing what people can do. it made me want to see whitney and brooklyn perform (not that watching barnyard bod isn't good enough).

-i saw lunchman at the sunflower market. he's one of the old characters from harvest fresh-not quite up there with caveman or wet rat or captain pecan or skittles, but still very exciting to see.

-took lots of (unintentionally) awkward pictures.

-wished starla and amy (my nursing-student-in-clinicals-roommates) were home more often.

elise and starla surprised us with a decorated apartment one morning.

chelsea chiquita princess

insisting on taking pictures together as i was stuffing my face post-fast sunday

love bouquet

perhaps my favorite


"tide sticks smell like vomit" says andy
(he and trudy visited a couple weeks ago)

athena and elise leg wrestling at christmas

what else, what else? my roommates love elise almost as much as i do and we all weep when she leaves. we're sort of mourning right now because she went back to work and won't return until wednesday. anyway, it's great to have her here. ben, too! we're all in the same ward, which is aaawesome.

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Elise said...

ooooooooooooooh. Thank you! I love love love them tooooo! The weather on Wednesday is supposed to be excellent. Roomy boyscout route walk?