Monday, March 16, 2009

i love you

it has happened too many times...

elise and i will be browsing a grocery aisle and she'll hear me say,

oh, you are so beautiful.
i love you!
or maybe,
i've been waiting all my life to find you...

and she looks at me
with her hand on her heart
and a big smile on her lips.

but then her face falls
when she sees me holding
a bottle of kombucha.

ben and i went to slc on saturday for some walking and joseph-smith-movie-watching and to eat at an ethiopian restaurant. the restaurant closes at 9:30, but when we got there at 7:30 the lights were already out. the tables were set and we had called that morning, so that's a mystery. we did decide to eat at my very favorite restaurant instead, so i did not complain one bit. after we ate, we crossed the street to whole foods to get some treats that cannot be found across the street at smith's.

this is a picture of something delicious at omar's living cuisine.
we got the sweet basil salad and the raw pasta
(but google images did not have pictures of those).

after a great weekend of eating, i thought i'd post some pictures of a few things that make me jump for joy (besides bow ties).

endangered species 88% dark chocolate bar
she says, you're a masochist for falling for me.
so roll up your sleeves.

oh kombucha. i could drink you day and night.

we got double dark, top left.
my favorite bar (by far).
these are delightful. really.


Elise said...

It really has happened far too often. I forgive you.

I've got to find a place to get those peanut ginger chews in bulk. Better yet, find a contest and win a years supplies...which would be one weeks supplies for me. Thans again for getting those for me.

We should go to whole foods if I get to go to SLC tomorrow with you.

You are not answering my calls. I predict that you are with Ben at the library and left your phone on your floor by your bed. Call me please.

Brookie said...

Hey Marae! Guess what I sent you a message on facebook, so read it! When are you coming to visit? It better be soon because we miss you.

Starla said...


Don't be fooled by this post....

Those Ginger Chews are NOT GOOD. Burning throat, coughing, gagging.

Trust me.

I tell you this for your protection.