Friday, May 8, 2009


we went to a concert in bellingham one night.
what a beautiful city!
elise found it to be the perfect place for picture-taking.
sadly, these were the only four (of hundreds) that weren't accidentally deleted.
she made sure to remind us of just how awkward we are.

OH. also. i fell in love with rose ice cream.
(at mallard's in bellingham)
i can't decide if i should say
try it and you'll die
you'll die if you don't try it.
it is so good.


Elise said...

I guess we will have to have a re-shoot when I come. Tell Chelsea she had better start picking out her outfits for her modeling career beginning with me.

Starla said...

Um these pictures look slightly reminiscent of engagement photos...


I miss you guys. A lot.