Monday, June 15, 2009

we reserve the lot next door

ben and i went to mom & dad's new place in yerington last week (see more detailed posts on yerington by ben and elise and craig here and here and here). i needed to store some things, we wanted to see some family (and hear hours of deliberation on wedding ideas, of course).

at a rest area at the salt flats.
i'd never seen them!
wish we got a picture of the harley gang...
in the bathroom, one lady said, "don't worry, i'll be fast. i'm not wearing my chaps."

looks like snow. and is bright!
and this is our first arm-extended take-it-ourselves picture.

car got a flat outside of lovelock.
punishment for not locking our love on the fence?
this is pre-frustration and rain and long time.
the tire just wouldn't come off!
finally a nice man stopped and pried it off
with a sledgehammer and other big tool.

had to unpack to get to the spare tire.

[[of course we took no pictures at home or with the family]]

are your thumbs straight or curved? isn't nevada lovely?
(stopped in construction on the way home)

ben: heyy, elise could move here (yerington)
and still hike the Y every day!

or you could move here and have your own E.

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Katie said...

You really shouldn't be doing things out of lovelock, you two.