Monday, June 15, 2009

welcome to the newest member of the family

you may know that the motor of my (too-costly-to-ever-die)
blender died.
it was still under warranty for four more years,
but the guy at the fix-it place said,
"i dunno, i think it was only a 3 year warranty...this'll probably cost you..."

but they never called to say it'd cost me--
just called to say, "it's done!"
so i went in, prepared to spend lots on a new top at least
(only warranteed one year)

so they interrogated ben about his divine intention
and handed me a box
and we left
and when we opened it
we found
a brand brand new one!
and she's quiet as a mouse. or a vacuum cleaner.

and, of course, welcome to the second newest member of the family.
ben and i are engaged to be married at an unknown time in an unknown location.
but, we are very excited. that we know.


Katie said...

oh you. making this post a midnight. it seems so appropriate. little night owl.

Rachel said...

Congratulations Marae! We are very excited for you guys. We hope you decide on a Temple somewhat close so that we can all be in the sealing room with you. I'm reading this to Lydia as I'm typing and she just turned to me with big eyes and said, "And me too????" She absolutely LOVES her Aunt Marae! She'd also love to wear a pretty dress at your wedding.