Friday, July 10, 2009

i had to go to the mall today

and was quite literally grabbed at two separate locations
by those dead sea salt scrub/nail buffer kiosk people.
and they start buffing/scrubbing
even as i'm walking past saying:

no thanks
i already have one of these
i have to go
i really don't want to buy this
i don't want a deal special for me

i must avoid this mall
before it turns me into a grouchy-person.

this isn't the first (or second or third) time it's happened.
one cherished memory is a time they were buffing elise and she yelled to me from across the mall to come rescue her, and i spent considerable time trying to convince them that she really had to use the bathroom and we already have those things they try to sell for $25 (that we got at sally's beauty for $1).


Katie said...

Sometime last December Bryan went to the mall alone to do some Christmas shopping and was somehow similarly attacked by these nail-buffing vampires. He came home with one verrry shiny nail and was extremely embarrassed by it. As I recall, he even tried scratching at the nail with his pocket knife or something to make it not so shiny. It didn't work. Eventually, though, it went back to normal.

Elise said...

Such a good sister. That was a great Maine experience!!