Friday, October 30, 2009

big news!

not really.
but we did buy our very first condiment for the fridge.
the first person to guess what it is...wins.

in other news, we're at the british library
which is huge. and high security.

also, ben wore one short sock and one tall one today
but we did get the laundry done.
($10 per load. do appreciate your in-home w/d for us.)

and ben just sat next to me and said,
"the queue was really long."
his english is getting to be just brilliant.


Katie said...

How charming! (Your sweet British skills, not the $10 per load. I guess you never quite appreciate whatchuga until it's gone.)

Umm... my condiment guess is... horseradish sauce. I just have a hard time imagining you with ketchup or mustard or something. But I guess you never know.

Katie said...

P.S. I just had to tell you that Bryan has stared using the phrases, "strike while the iron's hot" and "roughneck with a bad boy independence" in his everyday speech. Hahahaha.

Ben said...