Saturday, October 17, 2009


ben is homeworking arabic interrogatives
and i finally have time to blog!
today has been a most superb celebration of my 25 living years.
ben got plenty of treats for me
(there are so many new things to try here)
cardamom, pepper, cumin, citron, and ginger chocolates
rose tea
pumpkin seed & Herb savoury biscuits
mixed berry oat biscuits
caro (like pero/postum)
whole dried bananas
candied ginger (an old favorite)
zesty lemon biscuits
and an amazing ginger cake made with all rye flour.
(there are gluten and/or wheat-free foods everywhere
and they're not insanely priced
and i'm loving it).
my mum will be so proud to hear that we stayed in for dinner
and ate a really great lentil soup.
with rye toast, of course.

after packing a little sampling of nearly everything to eat,
we got on the train
and caught a nice glimpse of the english countryside
on our way to the london temple.
twenty miles outside the city is a whole different world!
i made sure to finally charge my camera battery
so i could take our very first post-wedding pictures.

the temple grounds are somewhat vast and very beautiful

and we had 25 minutes to walk around and take some pictures

(with a lot of self-timer experimenting)

while we waited for our cab ride to the train station.

it was a coold day!

but not as chilling as i've heard it can be
(but we'll see, right? our flat has no heat!)

the temple behind us

and ben and marae

and my husband studying arabic on the train ride home
(he loves the paper here. it's longer and a bit thinner)
isn't he handsome?



Elise said...

That last picture of Ben is the beeeeeeeeeeeeeessst I have ever seen. I would make it my computer background but
1. that would be kinda creepy seeing that it is your husband
2. Compy Domp died
3. It would make me miss you far too much.
4. I would laugh for hours every day & get nothing done.


please know that I miss you dearly. I would have loved to send you something for your bday but did not get your address on time & Renys doesn't have anything fantastic this shipment. please take a rain check.

I would love love to talk to you. have you got a # yet?

Do you get internet often? I'm really asking if we can start emailing cause I know NOTHING about your post-marriage life.

Have the greatest bday yet.

Miss you.

Love you.


Elise said...


I am sitting here typing up my talk that I will deliver tommorrow.
Becoming the pure in heart. Any thoughts?
The plan is for me to go to Utah in Jan and try to get into grad school for educational leadership. I will take over Janna's contract at a sweet old house. P.S. they just built a WINCO in midvale booyah!

I really really really would love to visit you for the holidays.This is a problem because I don't yet have a passport & you know hwen the responsible part of me tells me a should save my money for school..yeah that's happening.

I really wish I could be there to enjoy the lovely London life. We'll see. For now please cozy up in your snuggies & drink rose tea.

Lizzylou said...

THANK YOU!!! Thanks for the post. I've been wondering how you were doing. I'm glad that you are happy, and enjoying life. Have a wonderful Birthday!!! I don't know if you heard but I am having ANOTHER BOY!!!

Cooper said...

happy birthday rae rae we love you.
it looks like you just went to mount vernon and took some pics and called it london. you will need some verifiable landmarks next time.

Craig said...

Hey Marae,

I know I already said it but happy birthday. Your pictures look great. You and Ben are already starting to look more British. Well, Kind of.



Kate Lewis said...

I love the last two pictures of Ben. And I wish I could try all the fantastic food you are trying. But the lentil soup and rye toast sounds just as good--I always love eating meals at home. And, of course, Happy Birthday Marae!

Craig said...

Great Pictures. I am glad I got to talk to you. Your great.