Tuesday, November 3, 2009

capital of the world

an interesting thing about london is that there are hardly any english people here.
we come from all over the world!
the other day i was talking to a ghanaian guy who said

idaho? i never heard of that.
how do you say it again?

are you sure it's a state?
the only states i know are
new jersey

which i thought was funny (miami) until i realized that i know about two cities in ghana.
and nearly as little about this lovely u.k.
so much to learn about the world!

i am learning that i love the ethiopian market that sells us 5 delicious avocados for £1.
delicious with the mystery condiment (sauerkraut).

also, i'm wearing wool socks and penny loafers and i feel
really cool/like my mom.

no pictures lately, so here are some old favorites.

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