Wednesday, November 18, 2009

jenner house

photo tour of our apartment.
it's really great, eccentricities and all.

it is small but does have high ceilings and nice windows.

we don't have heat. good thing we brought the red mummy bag.

that little black thing is like a key, which we bring to the market and top up. we pay some £, then stick it back in to have electricity. it looks creepy and yellow because we have creepy yellow glass above our door, and the building's hall lights are always on.

black and white, i don't know why. but this is our fridge.

and these are our advanced methods of cooking. the hob has two burners. soup on one and toast on the other.


Katie said...

Que romantica!

Lizzylou said...


Elise said...

Whatever happened to the conversation about you blogging real soon. ug.

(no, not unit gathering kind of ug; get with it kind of ug)