Thursday, December 24, 2009

school's out and it's fun

with ben's break from school, we've finally visited a few places we've been meaning to go for months. tuesday, we layered on the wool and took a nice, long walk to westminster abbey. it was so beautiful inside. at 5:00 on weekdays there's a worship service and the choir sings, which was amazing. we were seated around a corner and couldn't see too much, but the music was really beautiful. we were surprised to find that what sounded like an enormous choir was actually about 16 people. there are 30 boys and 12 professional men in the choir (but they don't all sing every night).

big ben

the london eye and the river thames

we bought my hat on the street and it saved my life.
actually ben's, because i was wearing his before.

westminster abbey

ben pretending to take a picture of w.a. and taking one of me instead


Katie said...

I am so glad you posted! Although it may have made me miss you even more. Especially the last picture. Please wear big underwear with Benny Boo Boo Bear all over London. And take pictures.

alee said...

I miss you too and am so glad you are posting more than once every other month ;)

We hope you have a very Happy Christmas and stay warm!


Elise said...

Craig was just telling me about the London Eye for approximately 10 while we were stuck on the Ferris Wheel in Reno on my birthday.

Did you by chance talk to Mrs. Monson about babysitting or was I supposed to?

Please continue to post.
Mom says that you should just call us tomorrow since you have that great cheap phone. If you can't, we will get online in hopes of creepily seeing your faces through video chat.

Lizzylou said...

Merry Christmas!! We hope you had a festive, and nice day. London looks beautiful!