Sunday, January 10, 2010

birthday boy

the 7th of january was ben's 26-er. his favorite gift was this mysterious one that we got in the mail. no return address, just sent to "ben." no last name. no note. he was wary of taking it out of the package, but has snuggled with it ever since. well, that's not true, but he did let me hang the horse blanket on the wall for a few hours.

less blurry and more beautiful in real life.

ben wanted to go to the national gallery on his birthday. since it was cold, he put on thermals, a cotton shirt, wool sweater, thick cotton sweater, thick fleece, and rain shell. he really regretted it when we got inside and the cloakroom was full. despite his dripping, we had a great time rubbing shoulders with monet, rembrandt, seurat, vermeer, michelangelo, raphael, leonardo, van gogh...

a bad picture of the fountain in front

birthday boy (big ben is just to the left of his ear)

a monument of...somebody

front of the national gallery

lion statues. and a great part of the city.

we're not getting any better at the picture taking of selves. and sorry i only have hat now. hair will be back in a couple months (i hope).


alee said...

Happy Birthday to Ben! :) We promise it was not us who sent the blanket, but we do wish we had thought of it first. If you ever do get the taking pictures of both of you thing figured out, please let us know!

Rachel said...

Happy late birthday to Ben! We didn't know or else we would've loved to have sent him a beautiful horse blanket. We'll know for next year. Sounds like you guys are enjoying London despite the chilly weather. Way to be!

Nick said...

What a beautiful blanket it looks like 100% polyester. It reminds me of Yerington or the beautiful wild horses from Ben's mission. It should make a nice curtain or picnic cloth.Imagine the possibilit
ies for such a work of art. I am glad that you went to see other works of art like it on the same day,how appropriate

Katie said...

Haha! I'm glad to see that Ben received the blanket we sent him! Hope it keeps you guys warm! Happy Birthday Ben!

Katie said...

...Okay, okay, okay. So we didn't send the blanket. J/K! LOL! BRB!

Lizzylou said...

Happy Birthday Ben. We knew you would love the blanket. It represents your family (with a little one of course) free to roam wherever life takes you. It is actually supposed to bring good luck from the goddess of fertility. We hope it keeps you warm through the cold winter nights:)