Thursday, January 28, 2010

new oven

when our hob broke recently, our landlord replaced it and asked if we wanted an oven, too. it sat in its box on the floor for a few days while ben got used to the idea of losing half of our counter space, but now it fits right in. as much as i've been wanting to use it, we've both been sickly the last few days and just wanting soup and sick food.

isn't it nice? oh, and i did make some granola bars last weekend.

and here are some favorites that we ate last week.

rye toast + avocado + sauerkraut. the best sandwich. i bought corned beef once because i wanted to make real reuben sandwiches, but they weren't nearly as good as this version.

this yogurt is amazing. we first tried it because fig-date sounded good, but the grains are the best part. yogurt flavors here definitely win for creativity (and taste).

this is our skinny bathroom window. it's always foggy. ben took this one morning when there was snow in the garden.


Katie said...

I've never seen an oven so small. It's cute! Also, I hope you'll post your recipe for granola bars soon.

Rachel said...

I'm also hoping you'll post your granola bar recipe. Please, please, please!

Kate Lewis said...

What a nice landlord. I would love to try the yogurt.